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Writing your CV | Interview Guide

In essence a CV is a picture of YOU. Most prospective employers scan a CV and make a decision about whether you are should be interviewed in the first minute of reading but remember you have to be honest and be able to support your facts and information at the interview stage.

We are here to help, part of our role is to get the best from your CV and make it look impactful, professional and presentable.

A CV should comprise of the following:

Personal Profile:

What do you want to say about yourself in a professional context, what motivates and drives you, what attributes do you possess?

Career Experience:

This needs to start with your most recent job first, working back to your first job. You should list:

  • Dates of employment including months of the year, just putting a year is too vague
  • Employer’s Name and your Job Title
  • We then suggest having two sections to record your experience:
    • Responsibilities – what are you responsible for in your position? i.e. list how many staff report through you, turnover, profit or sales targets etc
    • Achievements – this is where you list what you have excelled at – be factual and give statistics i.e. increased new sales department finance penetration from 35% to 49% over 12 months


List your formal qualifications. As with your work format, this needs to be in reverse order with the most recent first.

TIP: Do not list training you have received whilst at work under Education

Training / Skills:

This is where you can list your professional training courses, what computer system packages you have used etc.

Hobbies and Interests:

This should be no more than a couple of lines to indicate what you like to do outside of work. Remember this needs to be kept professional and truthful. You don’t know if the interviewer has the same interests!


All employers will take references. On your CV you simply need to put ‘Reference available on request’. If your application gets to the stage where the employer wants to take references then you will need to have two referees readily available.

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